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  • http://blog.solaiemes.com chema

    Good reflection, Sam.
    Having gone through a founding experience of a local company (Spain) attempting global reach from the beginning, I have reflected a lot about this point. Don’t want to sound as excuses, but I can’t help it:
    - With the funding levels available here in Spain it is very hard (impossible?) to open an office abroad on a realistic basis from the beginning. In most cases you can attempt this only when you have a sound enough financial situation.
    - No excuse for not travelling and not believing that good things can be done out of the US. This is very important (there are investors here that look you funny if you say that you want to compare yourself with foreign companies).

    And as you say, we believe that relying on self-appointed experts is loss of time and money.

    Next attempt I would go for having a co-founder abroad. For many entrepeneurs here this is hard as many people don’t have previous exposure.

  • Joseph Dung

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