• http://www.under10templates.com Steve Johnson

    This is an excellent template. Clean layout for a quick reference. Of course, in order to fill it out, you have to research both yourself and your competition. I’ve found that win/loss analysis is the best way to get exactly this information.

    I wrote a piece on battlecards for sales people that has a similar approach. Read it at http://under10templates.com/2012/11/17/competitive-battle-cards/

    A good product management team will want to be able to answer the questions on both templates. Nowadays, I am consulting with the goal of helping companies implement (or in many cases RE-implement) product management. Learn more at http://www.under10templates.com

    Caution: confidential documents in the hands of your sales team may not stay confidential for long.
    Know how much you can safely share with sales people before you distribute competitive information.

  • http://aparicio.org Sam

    Thank you Steve! Your feedback means a lot to me!